Got assets and need cash?

As a Senior Analyst for Abacus CPAs, I have seen this all too often. Business owners, like you, get the short end of the deal. You spend a ton of money to build, buy, and add on to facilities for your business and at the end of the year, you still owe tax? Why?!?

You are forced to deduct the building over almost forty years. Did you know that forty years ago if you spent $100K, due to inflation it would now cost $311K*? That is crazy you might say? If you spend cash today the benefit could be subject to 211%* decrease before it is all used up.

Your next question might be: Is there any way to solve this? I am glad you asked because there is a legal and inexpensive way to get the benefits of the depreciation today lowering your tax bill so you can reinvest your cash sooner and grow your business now, not forty years from now. Let us help, if you have bought, built, or added additions to your real property in the last five years you may be eligible.

How it works:

  1. We analyze your fixed asset schedule and identify assets that are being depreciated too slowly.
  2. Then we calculate a free estimate for your information on the benefits that we’ve found for you.
  3. We then educate you on the pros and cons so you have better guidance to make smarter decisions.

Why now:

  1. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017 make this process now yield better returns than ever, but for a limited time.
  2. This process is now scalable before you would have had to fly an engineer to your location and it would have only been cost-effective if you had a massive building, now with the help of technology we can scale all the way down to single-family rentals.
  3. We at Abacus, your trusted advisors, are geared up and ready to help you without the need for you to outsource this to someone who you don’t trust.

You have options and in supporting your business.  So you can make the best decisions possible, to make your business the best it can be! If you are or are not part of the Abacus CPAs client family feel free to reach out, we are happy to help! Give us a call at 417-823-7171 or send us an email!

We can get you scheduled with one of our tax professionals and started on a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Tucker Virnig is a Senior Analyst at Abacus CPAs, LLC. He specializes in tax and accounting services such as tax returns, tax resolutions, bookkeeping, compilations, and more. Tucker is passionate about partnering with entrepreneurs to help them reach their financial goals.

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