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Outsourced bookkeeping and controllership through Abacus CPAs allow you to focus on your top money-making priorities instead of getting lost in the financial details.


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Bookkeeping and Controllership Services

· Accounts Payable
Manages accounts payable process flow, helps make timely payments, processes invoices, and maintains vendors.

· Accounts Receivable
Accounts receivable is money that is owned and to be collected for your company from a client or vendor for services based on credit. Abacus CPAs can serve your company by comprehensively managing billing, cash application, and collections in regard to this money.

· Cash Management
When it comes to cash flow, your business needs reliable experts who can help you come up with solutions so that you can manage, move, and access your money, spending, and investments easily. Abacus CPAs can help expedite payments and collections, prevent fraud, and meet with company’s cash flow needs with innovative cash management solutions.

· Management of Accounting Department
Not all accounting departments are the same. You need someone managing it who can be a decision-making partner. Someone who can plan and manage your company’s accounting systems in conjunction with your company’s goals and plans and who can be an expert in financial reporting. Abacus CPAs develops and implements systems for gathering, analyzing, verifying, and reporting certain types of financial information which management can use to determine the financial stability of the business.

· Integrating Accounting Systems
Handles new accounting software integration obstacles such as testing and execution and helps streamline different accounting systems so that they communicate and work efficiently together.

· Documenting Accounting Policies and Procedures
Whether your business is a recent start-up or has been around for years, it is crucial that your accounting policies and procedures are well-planned and well-documented. Documented accounting policies and procedures lay the groundwork for internal controls for a company. Abacus CPAs develops and compiles best practices, policies, and procedures in an internal Client Procedures Manual.

· Providing Financial Analysis
Financial analysis and planning go hand-in-hand and are a crucial part of any organization. It can support, document, and analyze management decisions regarding your business. Outsourcing the analysis of your financials can provide your business with a competitive advantage or provide you with additional savings that you may not be aware of. Abacus CPAs provides information regarding the profitability, efficiency, liquidity, and stability of the company.

· Development of Reporting Metrics
Works with your company and management team to define correct metrics to measure business data. We can work with you to create compelling and attention-grabbing data visualizations from a variety of sources.

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Very few people know or understand who they really are, how unique they are. Bookkeeping and Controllership is undoubtedly the activity that no business can do without.

When you’re running a growing business, however, your time is at a premium, and with all of your responsibilities, it is not uncommon for daily bookkeeping tasks to drop to the bottom of your to-do list. Many small business owners try to manage all aspects of their company’s operations from start to finish, but that can cause them to get bogged down in paperwork.

Bookkeeping can be extremely time consuming and including it in your seemingly endless list of responsibilities can keep you from better and more valuable uses of your time. Outsourced bookkeeping and controllership through Abacus CPAs allow you to focus on your top money-making priorities instead of getting lost in the financial details.

We continually look for opportunity while we monitor progress and you can expect great partner/client interaction. Our values will be evident in our work, in our communication and in our relationships. Our focus is you. Your business. Your success. Your life. Let us help you with your system and make your financial statement healthier. Abacus professionals provide leadership by constantly pursuing the best guidance possible so those we serve can make smarter decisions.