Providing and Accepting Constructive Feedback with a Mature Mindset

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Have you ever had constructive feedback for a co-worker, but were afraid it might hurt that person’s feelings? Have you ever received criticism from a supervisor or co-worker that upset you? Chances are that we’ve all encountered these two situations. Why is it so difficult to offer or accept constructive criticism? The answer is simple. If [...]

Networking for New Accountants: Lose the Stress

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Public speaking can be an extremely stressful event at any stage of your career. Not to say that a green accountant fresh out of college has it any worse, but they may lack a few of the key factors that can make it just a little easier. For example, new accountants lack the knowledge, experience, and [...]

The Secret to Great Leadership

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When you think of a leader, what image comes to mind? A strong, confident person who can inspire others or someone willing to lead others through adversity to achieve a common goal? There are many great models of leadership throughout history, but did you ever wonder how they became such great leaders? It really comes down [...]

When to hire a Controller or CFO

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As a small business grows from a single person sole proprietorship to a multi-national corporation, the needs of the company will grow and change.  In the beginning of the company’s life cycle, growth is driven by the vision and talent of a small group of people, either the owner or an inner circle of similar-minded individuals.  [...]

Microsoft Teams: Get Started the Right Way

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With individuals and businesses looking for more efficient methods to collaborate remotely, especially recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Microsoft Teams can be utilized to address these needs. However, like any tool that is used simultaneously by multiple members, there are some best practices and etiquette that should be adopted in order to experience the best [...]

Abacus CPAs, LLC honors five exceptional staff with Inaugural Values Awards

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[Springfield, MO – May 28, 2020] – Five outstanding individuals were honored by Abacus CPAs, LLC with Values Awards on May 28 as part of Abacus CPAs Annual Company Retreat. The Abacus Values Awards were created in 2020 to recognize individuals who fully exemplify Abacus Values in how they live, work and build relationships with clients [...]

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