Documents Needed to Prepare Your Tax Return 

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The documents you need to file your tax return depends on your situation and is different for everyone. Some individuals receive a W-2 from their employer, whereas others own a business and the documentation required can be more complicated. Consider what, if any, changes happened during the year.  Did you get a new job?  Did you [...]

Which QuickBooks Online Subscription is Right for You?

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Since 1983, QuickBooks has been developing accounting and bookkeeping software for its customers. Implementing web, mobile, and cloud-based solutions to serve their mission better is to power prosperity worldwide. QuickBooks online and desktop versions provide a myriad of tools and a varying degree of managing levels. These combinations are all built to provide a foundation for [...]

Understanding IRS Collection and Scammers

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Last year, CNBC reported that in the three years prior, 1.2 million individuals received phone calls from people purporting to be the IRS, demanding immediate payment… or else! More than 6,000 of these individuals fell victim to the scheme, sending a combined $36.5 million to scammers. The fact that so many perceive the IRS to be [...]

How to Deduct a Business Trip for Tax Purposes

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Have you ever wanted to see the ocean? Travel to New Orleans and stroll down the French Quarter? Or do you want to visit a friend you haven’t seen in a while because they live in a faraway city? Afraid of falling behind at work or not having enough money in the bank keeps most of [...]

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