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Sabrena Shipley


Senior Analyst

Get to Know Sabrena

Sabrena Shipley joined Abacus CPAs in January of 2018 and is a Senior Analyst in our Traditional Tax Department.

Sabrena attended Missouri State University and graduated with her Bachelor’s in Accounting December 2018 and received her Masters of Accountancy December 2019. Sabrena is originally from Southeast Missouri. Sabrena enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, including her niece. She also enjoys reading and binging TV shows.

Sabrena’s Kolbe A Index Results Show That…

Sabrena is excellent in situations that require the strategic organization of information. She sets priorities and puts them into appropriate sequences. Her talent with both strategies and tactics makes her essential to any massive effort.

Sabrena’s Top 5 Clifton Strengths

  1. Achiever 2. Analytical 3. Responsibility 4. Focus 5. Arranger

Sabrena’s Unique Ability

Sabrena’s Unique Ability is to passionately give and dedicate time and energy so that growth, success, and happiness can be achieved by herself and others.

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