Abacus CPAs - Susette Baguio

Susette Baguio


Assistant to the Controller

Get to Know Susette

Susette joined Abacus CPAs in August of 2020 as an assistant to the controller.   She graduated from the University of San Carlos in Cebu City, Philippines with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering.

Susette is originally from the Philippines but moved to the United States when she was 26 years old. Susette’s husband is named Marco. Susette and Macro have 3 kids: Kal, Keanu, and Kiara.  Susette has 4 siblings. Her sister lives in Dallas and her 3 brothers live in the Philippines. Susette’s hobbies include organizing and cleaning at home and shopping. She also loves watching her kids plays sports and watching her oldest son Kal play his guitar on stage. When Susette has extra time she loves to travel and her favorite destination is the beach.

Susette’s Kolbe A Index Results Show That…

She naturally shines when she’s working on a team. In fact, she’s often the unsung hero. She excels when she supports infrastructure, bridges differences, responds to needs, and blends abilities into productive efforts.

Susette’s Top 5 Clifton Strengths

  1. Achiever 2. Responsibility 3.Developer 4. Communication and 5. Consistency

Susette’s Unique Ability

Susette’s Unique Ability is making others feel welcome and a part of the team by communicating with them in a friendly and fun way.

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